February 17 2018

I’m Baaaaack!

Last year I started this blog in an attempt to be writing more and to share things about my life in Albuquerque. I wasn’t completely sure where I was headed with my blogging. I tried different things to find my voice. My main intent was to be a positive force in a world where I felt the focus was mostly on bad things. I did short posts with lots of pictures, longer stories about things happening in my life, and posts about different places in Albuquerque.  Early on, I started a regular Friday feature in which I shared five of my favorite things which often turned into trips down memory lane.  I had a lot of fun and it definitely got me writing more; but by the end of 2017, I was starting to feel a bit burned out and I wasn’t sure what my focus should be. I decided to take a break to reevaluate and figure out what I wanted from this venture.

Quite honestly, I felt a bit let down that I did not have more followers by the end of the year. I started to analyze the statistics of my website to try to gain some insight into what was working and what wasn’t. I could try to explain my thought process as I contemplated everything; but in the end, I can only say I have no idea what makes for a successful blog post. And since I’m not good at self-promotion and don’t like to spend endless amounts of time on different social media sites trying to gain followers, it seems to me that I should simply write for myself. Sure, I want to feel like there are people out there reading what I write but since I don’t know the magic formula that gets people to follow a blog, I’m going to quit trying.

That said, I have given my website a new look to go along with my fresh start for 2018!  I’ll still be writing about Albuquerque, doing movie reviews, and occasionally writing about five favorites on Friday (it just won’t be every Friday anymore.) Unless, of course, I’m flooded with suggestions. *wink*

So… onward and upward, as they say!

This past Monday, I turned 50, and I still can’t quite wrap my brain around that number. It doesn’t seem possible and yet all the signs are there – my metabolism is nonexistent, there are wrinkles and grey hairs, and there are aches and pains. Ah yes, and there are reading glasses in practically every room of my house! And just a couple of weeks ago, I got mail from AARP! Geez, I thought they would have waited until I was 60. As I contemplate all these physical reminders of my age, there is a feeling of loss but mostly a sense of urgency. Time is running out.  I can only describe this feeling by saying it’s like the sands of an hourglass. When you first turn that hourglass over, it seems like the sand is falling slowly and there is still so much sand in the upper part of the hourglass. It’s like when you are young and have your whole life before you. But now that sand is starting to run so fast and there is more sand on the bottom than the top. Yup, time is running out. So I must make every day count, be grateful for each day, and find a damn plug to stop that sand!

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