November 24 2017

Five Favorites Friday – Famous Dogs

It’s the day after Thanksgiving which means I have a turkey hangover, I can officially start playing Christmas music, and I’m avoiding the Black Friday madness by shopping online! And since today is Friday, it’s time for some favorites. As I was contemplating my choices for today, it occurred to me that I may have to eventually do two posts – one for famous real dogs and one for famous animated dogs. For today, I am focusing on the real dogs. Be sure to let me know what your favorites are too!

Lassie – I can still remember watching Lassie on TV every afternoon when I was in elementary school. It didn’t matter how much fun I was having playing outside, at 3:00pm, it was Lassie time. I loved it when she lifted her paw to say goodbye to her viewers.

Benji – This little guy had so much personality and so many great expressions – almost human! My favorite scene is from the second Benji movie (For the Love of Benji) in which he steals a string of sausage. I laugh every time.

Hooch – Speaking of dogs with great facial expressions, this guy from the movie, Turner and Hooch, was hilarious. The slow motion scenes of him running are too funny. Of course, his tendency to drool made me cringe.

Wishbone – Of course, we all loved Wishbone in our house because he was a Jack Russell Terrier and he loved imagining he was the lead character in classic books. There have been quite a few Jack Russells on TV and in film. It’s really not surprising as they are so cute and smart.

And speaking of cute and smart Jack Russells…

Maxwell Smart – Okay, he’s not famous on the scale of my previous choices but he has a decent group of faithful followers on Facebook. And, well, I just think he’s the most awesome dog ever!


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