November 17 2017

Five Favorites Friday – Pie!

As Thanksgiving draws ever closer, my thoughts turn to comfort foods and decadent desserts.  In particular Thanksgiving makes me think of pies, so for this Friday, I am sharing my five favorites.

Cherry – I have to say I’m an oddity because I do not like apple pie – positively un-American, right? Oh well, I hear George Washington was a fan of cherries!


Chocolate – I especially like it if the layers of chocolate and whipped cream are of equal height!


Peanut Butter – I first had a peanut butter pie at The Daily Grind here in Albuquerque. Oh my! Positively decadent.


Pecan Cream Cheese – This pie is soooo easy to make and it is so delicious too. Click on the picture for the recipe.


Pumpkin – This simple pie just screams Thanksgiving to me. I never have it any other time of the year. Guess that keeps it special!

What pie will you be making for Thanksgiving?



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